Survey and Evaluation by Tourist Subregions

Survey and evaluation of the main tourist destinations in the world by Tourist Subregions. This report should follow the general guidelines set out below:
Knowing the real tourist offer offered by the main tourist destinations in the world for the demand of our country.
  • Develop research guidelines to apply to each proposed topic, based on the updating and real notions of each tourism offer by destination.
  • In-depth linkage with the tools that are useful and necessary for creative and innovative professional practice.

Evaluation criteria:
V Adjustment, coherence and specific relevance to the pre-established and recorded guidelines.
V Application and precision of the specific technical vocabulary, in an integrated whole with a development of own abilities of writing and spelling.
V Correct selection and organization of reference and reference material.
V Ability to develop oral and written development, with sufficient defense and in the same line of use and application of correct technical terminology.
V Correct turn to the blog created to the effect with each and every one of the forms this contemplates.
V For the absolute approval of the Practical Work, the minimum grade of 4 (four) must be achieved in the written instance (corresponds to 70% of the objectives).
Presentation guidelines: written report raised in the blog created in established days and hours, with each and every one of the guidelines that are transcribed in activities. The date of presentation will be established for each moment, according to the subregion that works.

Activities: survey of the most significant tourist supply for the Argentine demand based on the following considerations:

1. It will be elaborated according to a program of visitation, so as to appeal to the imagination, creativity and not to fall into a simple description. Presentation of the Best Vacation in San Antonio Texas:
  • · General characteristics of the destination: introduction to the destination, general historical, geographical, social and economic aspects.
  • · Accessibility from Argentina.
  • · Entry requirements for Argentines: migrations, customs, etc.
  • · Precautions: health, safety and others.
2. Description and explanation of the tourism resources of the destination: description and explanation of the tourism resources of the destination that are able to attract tourists from the Argentine market, with special emphasis on aspects related to conservation, preservation, management categories, status National and / or international, for both natural and cultural tourism resources.