Take Advantage of this holiday and rest in an economic inn in Santa Fe de Antioquia

How many of us have been deprived of any trip or activity for lack of money? I think that all of us, we can answer that at some point in our life we have missed that great ride with friends or family, because of not having the necessary resources, however, there are places where you can live incredible moments without spending so much,

This municipality located in western Antioquia, is nationally recognized for its colonial architecture, besides having a warm climate that invites you to spend a wonderful time of rest and is only a couple of hours of the city of Medellin. For all this, it is an excellent place to stay for a walk and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Although many people consider it an expensive destination, the truth is that it is quite the opposite is a very accessible place in which you can find lodgings in economic inns like the tropical Florida, where in addition to spending a pleasant night in a few rooms with all the comforts, you can also enjoy great plans. Recommendations of the Best Places to Vacation in Florida

I went a little over a month to spend a weekend with some friends, there we were able to go to the pool, enjoy a canoe ride on a beautiful lake, play billiards, and enjoy the town of Santa Fe de Antioquia.

It was a great experience, which leaves me wonderful memories with my friends, and the best thing is that it was not much spending, because they have different plans that adapt to the circumstances, we paid only for 2 nights and came out very cheap compared to other inns and hotels.

The best I can recommend for you to never miss a ride, trip or activity with your family or friends is to save a little, measure your budget, and before anything look at this as an investment and not an expense, it is best to spend your money on experiences, not things, this will fill your soul more, leave you better memories and give more joy to your life , as well as sharing unique moments with your loved ones.

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